A maritime brokerage firm specialized in luxury motorboat and yacht sales, new and pre-owned

More than 40 years of experience in the sale of luxury yachts

Over 600 transactions throughout the world

Our experience gained in more than 40 years of yacht sales with over 600 transactions throughout the world, has led us to an excellent level of knowledge of the luxury yachts available on the global market. Futura Yacht has an extensive portfolio of luxury yachts from the best international brands and directly from renowned yacht owners.

Our experience in consulting and professional assistance in the sector allows us to guide you step by step through all the phases of purchase and sale of the yacht with the utmost transparency, to ensure you and obtain the best possible conditions.

As a key player in the international maritime industry, with many years of experience, FUTURA YACHT has simplified the whole process for customers, so all they need to worry about is enjoying their boat at sea.

FUTURA YACHTS, which has close ties with top Italian shipyards, is an authorized dealer of tree distinctly different types of vesse profiles in order to address a wide array of customer needs. From true steel explorer yachts by OCEANKING, impressive and attractive GRP ships by SIRENA YACHTS, rounded out with extremely innovative inflatable boats by SACS.

FUTURA YACHT has a vast portfolio of yachts from top international brands and directly from reputable yacht owners. Rigorously selected yachts regardless of the size and specification of the boat a customer dreams of buying or selling. Our team thanks to a consolidated network of international contacts has the experience to advise you from a wide selection of luxury yachts and makes her professionalism available to follow and manage every purchase-sale process. 

Exquisitely personal service


FUTURA YACHT works hard to build special relationships so customers always feel at ease. We are as passionate and motivated as our customers—inspiring and discerning individuals—which is why we are firmly committed to ensuring the highest quality. We guide each customer through the entire buying and selling process, understanding their expectations and providing all types of solutions that address their specific needs. Our goal is for every ship we sell to perfectly fit the buyer’s lifestyle. 

We handle all the matters involved in buying and selling new and pre-owned luxury motorboats and yachts.

– We only sell ships that best meet customer needs.
– We recommend buyers the best option.
– We evaluate the ships to estimate the actual value and condition.   
– We guarantee prices that correspond to the true value of a ship.
– We check the ship’s condition according to safety and navigation regulations.
– We assit in the management of marine practises related to the sale of Yachts and Motor Yachts with professional support at every stage of the negotiations international.
– Advice and professional assistance for the purchase or rental of berths in any part of the country.

Always going the extra mile

FUTURA YACHT offers the most important services that ship owners want from painting to wood and steel carpentry, from electrical to electronic systems, from engines to naval plumbing: Third-party ship management, for individuals and businesses, technical teams for specific maintenance assistance and customer service, refitting and restyling of yachts.

At our facilities you will find:

130,000 square meters used for open storage

15,000 square meters of sheds with a height of 10 m for covered storage

1,000 square meters of heated spray booths (44 x 20m)

800 square meters of carpentry

1,500 square meters between workshops and laboratories



By partnering with qualified companies throughout the world, FUTURA YACHT is able to provide highly competitive solutions to customers, all while staying on top of the latest market trends for yachts and the best opportunities available.

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