The restyling of the Sacs Tecnorib Rebel 47 was presented at the Dusseldorf Boot Show

06 February 2023
new restyiling Sacs Rebel 47 futura yacht

The new Sacs Rebel 47 redesigned by Christian Grande, is the natural evolution of the iconic model launched in 2017 and protagonist of an exceptional market response, with over 60 units delivered in the last five years. This new version is a luxury cruiser with a modern design, with a particularly tapered profile that makes the external layout sinuous and elegant. 

The hard top is completely renewed, made of carbon fiber to lighten the entire structure and further lower the center of gravity for the benefit of stability. Other innovations on the Rebel 47 include a new windscreen with large rounded shapes to ensure maximum visibility from the helm station, a reduced beam to fit within the 4-metre width, offering a considerable advantage when docking in port and, finally, a new range of metallic paint finishes.

Sacs Tecnorib Rebel 47 is the new gritty and innovative boat that combines the world of Max-Ribs and that of “luxury open yachts”, where comfort, finishes and design are a must.

The Sacs Tenorib Rebel Collection, is characterized by a unique design with a strong personality signed by Christian Grande and is capable of high performance in all sea conditions thanks to the use of technologies from the military and civil rescue field